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Scheldo is our big, sweet cuddly bear and a friend of all the children and the adults at Scheldeoord! 
He loves to see all his friends at the campsite again and he really enjoys cuddling and playing with everyone he meets!

He’ll also be more than happy to have his photo taken with all his new campsite friends. So if you see him, please don’t hesitate to ask him to have his photo taken with you.  He doesn’t always have the courage to ask it himself!

Scheldo and his friends

For all Scheldo fans....

Scheldo cuddly toy
Did you know that Scheldo the bear also comes in a small size? 
You can buy the Scheldo cuddly toy for €9,50 at the reception and/or the supermarket! That way you can always cuddle Scheldo even at home!
Scheldo the bear kite
Play outside and fly kites with the Scheldo the bear kite
Buy it at the reception and the supermarket for € 5,00!
Scheldo water wings
Especially for our smallest Scheldo fans who cannot swim yet! Lots of splashing and safely playing in the swimming pool with Scheldo the Bear around your arms! 

The water wings are for sale at the reception desk and/or in the supermarket for €4,99! 
Scheldo colouring pages
Do you already have a Scheldo colouring pages? There are at least 5 different ones!
You can ask for colouring pages at the reception!
Scheldo has got his own Facebook page
So even when you are at home you can still be friends with him and see what he’s doing at the campsite. If you’re not a friend of his yet, then become one quickly!
Scheldo the bear bottle
Drink from this cool Scheldo the bear bottle!
For sale at the reception desk and/or in the supermarket for €3,50! 
Scheldo torch
Never again scared in the dark with your friend Scheldo at your side! 
This cool Scheldo torch can be bought for € 3,00 at the reception, the supermarket and Scheldo’s kidsrestaurant.